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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Lea Manor High School. Our learning community  is happy, ambitious and thrives in an environment with high standards and expectations. Our school dictum ‘no shortcuts to success’ emphasises our commitment to excellence for all our students.

Students enjoy an enriching experience in their 5-year journey with us and leave secondary with knowledge, skills and experiences that provide solid foundations for success. We are acutely aware that we play a key role in preparing our young people as global citizens and in so doing we concentrate with purpose on the development of interpersonal skills and competencies such as: oracy, team work, resilience and leadership. We nurture respect for self and others.

Lea Manor High School is widely recognised as an inclusive school that cares deeply for all its students. We are wholly committed to inspiring and supporting our students in their endeavour for success in all aspects of school life, regardless of ability and background.

We forge links with educational partners and stakeholders, and much work has been done to ensure that we provide a high quality education driven by an ambitious teaching body and senior leadership team. We foster a strong ethos and commitment to working with parents and carers to ensure that together, we are all active participants in the growth and development of our young people.

Jess Pather

Acting Headteacher





I joined Lea Manor High School in January 2018 fully aware of the challenges facing us.  There is no hiding from the fact that results in 2017 were not good enough and led to us being named in the national press as one of the worst schools in the country.  We welcomed Ofsted to our school in February and were judged to be Require Improvement (RI).  Based on our results and concerns around behaviour in both 2016 and 2017, this is a judgment that we believe to be fair and the report clearly outlines our strengths and areas for improvement.

Parents and Carers can take solace in the fact Inspectors identified many strengths in the school, most importantly that the leadership team “…have an accurate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school and … are effectively accelerating improvements...”  Alongside a committed and experienced Governing body, we are ensuring that the quality of teaching ensures our pupils achieve outcomes that allow them to compete in the world of further education and/or work.

I work with a team who share an unstinting belief that education provides knowledge and empowers choice.  There will be significant changes at Lea Manor High School because there has to be.  Our focus is on creating an academic environment where there is a culture of ‘no excuses’.  As professionals, we recognise we are in the business of educating and empowering our pupils to navigate their way in a complex and ever-changing world. Pupils at Lea Manor High School should be confident learners working in a calm, focused environment, where they believe they can achieve. This change will be further enhanced with positive relationships between parent, carers, the school and wider community. 

We have introduced phased changes to Lea Manor High School so that what is introduced not only brings about improved outcomes but is long lasting and part of the new fabric of the school.  As well as a new approach to the consistency in teaching and quality feedback, we have introduced a new behaviour system that is focused on celebrating pupil achievement.  The re-branding of the school is essential in bringing changes that allow us to compete in the 21st century. 

As a community, we will be held to account for the elements that allow success to happen this includes, the way we dress, how we communicate, how we are taught, how we study and how we take responsibility for the choices we make. Our phased changes encompass all that is needed for our pupils to be successful.

Being a Headteacher is a privilege and it is an honour to work at Lea Manor High School with a staffing body committed to bringing about positive change and raising pupil outcomes.

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