School Mission & Expectations

Mission StatementPupil Expectation

At Lea Manor High School we celebrate pupils’ success through the 5Rs.  Resilient pupils are able to draw from prior learning and use this to challenge their ability to navigate the demands of a new curriculum.  They take Responsibility for their progress, ensuring they are aware of their starting and potential endpoints.  Pupils are Rational about the demands of making progress and plan effectively to meet course requirements that help to inform choices about their future.  Pupils will need to be Reflective about their practice and Resourceful about their outcomes when responding to feedback.


Staff Commitment

In order to support pupils achieving the 5Rs Lea Manor High School staff plan and prepare lessons that encourage and support independence. We consistently monitor and track pupils’ progress in line with curriculum expectations supporting them in becoming lifelong learners.  Our passion for learning means we bring our subject to life beyond the classroom.  We provide pupils with innovative intervention programmes that enrich their knowledge and serve to broaden horizons.

At Lea Manor High School every child matters to us, we ensure that our additional learning programmes provide pupils with the support to achieve in line with their peers. Sometimes families experience difficulties and we work with pupils alongside parent/carers, as well as, outside agencies to ensure pupils are kept on track to achieve great outcomes.


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