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LMHS Leadership Statement


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Ms G Gibson

I began my career in 1998 as an English teacher, rising through the ranks to become a Local Authority Consultant, Her Majesty’s Inspector, and Headteacher. Throughout my career, I have ensured that I sought and received training and development that was specifically focused on leading schools in challenging circumstances. As well as working largely in my home town of south London, I have also benefited from working in Hertfordshire, Kent, and Bedfordshire. I have a breadth of experience in both mainstream and alternative provision and an unstinting passion to empower pupils through academic achievement. I believe there are no barriers to success only removable obstacles, achievable through collaboration, and a determination to succeed. #noshortcuts   

Deputy Headteacher - Ms N Hussain

Having completed my BA Honours degree at Kings College London, I embarked on a career in Teaching. I chose to use a local teacher training provider as I wanted to serve the community I came from. Completing my NQT, I rose very quickly amongst the ranks and become an Assistant Head Teacher within 5 years of completing my training. This was a direct result of hard work and following our mission statement " there are no short cuts to success". During my Middle Leadership, I was fortunate to take part in Teaching Leaders Programme and managed to secure the prestige Pearson Award for a high impact initiative to improve outcomes for all learners including those from a Disadvantage background. I believe that we are all life long learners and therefore I am invested in developing future teachers through my role as a teacher trainee coordinator in RE. I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership at Warwick University and have used this to develop my understanding of strategic leadership. I am currently in my first Deputy Headship and relishing in the opportunities this brings.

Deputy Headteacher - Mr S Warner

I trained and began my teaching career in Manchester, working in one of the toughest and most deprived schools in the City. This very much set the tone for my career, as I moved southwards to the Hertfordshire / London fringe where I was fortunate enough to spend much of my career working with pupils originating from the Boroughs of North London. It was here that I began to climb the career ladder, initially as a Head of Geography, then to Teaching and Learning Director before moving across to a more pastoral role in Senior Leadership. The daily challenges many of these pupils faced, and the resilience and determination to overcome these, has had a profound influence both on my personal values and also my educational philosophy. The cornerstone of these is a deep routed belief in the entitlement of an inclusive education for every pupil, built on the core values of mutual respect and tolerance. In more recent years, following a sequence of tragic events within my then school community, I become actively involved in working with school leaders, local authorities, the DFE and The Youth Justice Board on addressing the challenges of youth violence and gang culture. This is an area of work that I still actively pursue and am currently working with agencies across Luton to develop a county wide approach to educate all young people and support those most at risk.

Assistant Headteacher - Mr J Campbell

My interest in the teaching vocation began when I had the opportunity to lead various youth groups in Northern Ireland. I studied at the University of Ulster and gained a BSc in Design and Technology. Thereafter, I worked in a local school for one year before returning to the same university to achieve a PGCE qualification. Equipped with my PGCE and experience, I moved to Bedfordshire to begin my NQT year in Lea Manor High School. I quickly gained responsibility as STEM coordinator and was given the opportunity to become Head of DT. After success in DT, I was promoted to Head of Creative. I am currently positioned on the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Head and am thoroughly enjoying all aspects of this role. In every role I have undertaken, I have focused on improving pupil outcomes as well as staff development. I find the most fulfilling part of my job is supporting pupils to become super learners. The culmination of our Year 11 pupils leaving school with the qualifications, knowledge and skills to make lifelong choices, makes me incredibly proud of the young people they have become.

Assistant Headteacher - Mr S Mahmood

My family moved to Luton in 1989 from Halifax. Growing up in Luton has given me an enormous sense of pride and I have always strived to work within our community to progress and help those that face the struggles and challenges I faced when I was younger. I started working in local youth groups at 18 and got a job as a Teaching Assistant in a local primary school during my gap year before University, this sparked my interest in teaching. I worked in a few jobs following University, including a Training Manager in a large media company and an Accountant. These jobs, whilst being financially rewarding, didn’t make me feel happy. After a few years of working in Industry, I decided to pursue a career in teaching and have never looked back. I have worked in a range of educational settings, but have always remained within the town. I strongly believe in our town and our young people, who never fail to inspire me every day. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented young people in the country and watch them grow into lifelong learners and Leaders.

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs A Baig

Having graduated in Law (LLB), I decided not to pursue a long held ambition of a career in the legal field and instead trained to teach locally. I always intended to make a difference to my community and raise the aspirations of young people. Giving back to those around me and instilling belief in young people from deprived communities in Luton has been an experience I have relished. Having worked in two schools in a variety of roles before Lea Manor, I feel I have learnt a great deal along the way. As a female from a BAME background, I hold dear to me our mantra of 'no shortcuts to success' and I am committed to breaking glass ceilings both for myself and for the young people I work with.

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Mrs C Moore

After 3 long years at the university of Greenwich I began my career in 1999. I qualified as a PE teacher as this was always my passion and going on to teach what I loved was always the job for me.  My first school was in special measures and I played a significant role in moving the school to good.  As a Head of Year I developed a broad understanding of the importance of pastoral support.  I developed a passion to work in schools in challenging circumstances and relished in being part of turning  them around.   My belief in every child matters means that LMHS with its "noshortcuts mission appeals to me.  Being a life long learner has helped me fulfil my ambition  and as career lead I am able to support pupils in reaching theirs. 

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