Leadership Team & Key Contacts

LMHS Leadership Statement


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Ms G Gibson

Acting Headteacher - Mr D Carlier 

- Whole School Responsibility

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs M Howells

- Quality of Education 

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs R Paul

- Behaviour and Attitudes  

Senior Assistant Headteacher - Mr M Foden

- Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs C Moore 

- Personal Development 

Assistant Headteacher - Mr O Malcolm 

- Behaviour and Attitudes 

Secondment - Assistant Headteacher - Mr M Rathor 

- Behaviour and Attitudes 

Assistant Headteacher - Miss C Ward 

- Quality of Education: Implementation 

Assistant Headteacher - Mr A Igori 

- Quality of Education: Intent 

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs H Cox-Fuggles (Maternity)

- Quality of Education: Impact 

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Ms J Brooks 

- Inclusion (SENCO)

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Mr B Currier 

- Attendance and Anti-Bullying 


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