Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Leadership Commitment

Leading without fear or favour means we have the courage to honestly challenge where the practice is not in line with the mission of Lea Manor High School.  Working for the good of all pupils is imperative to the justice that underpins our commitment to the pupils we serve. We trust that staff are honest about their practice and the decisions they are making around pupil progress.  Our integrity means that we are respectful to each other and make impartial decisions. Our service means that pupils are always at the centre, ensuring we maintain our unstinting mission to provide a high-quality education - that supports our pupils in becoming lifelong learners. Whatever the challenges we should be optimistic and solution-focused, showing kindness to staff and pupils at all times.

Leaders at Lea Manor High School are courageous, optimistic, solution-focused, honest, respectful, kind, have a sense of justice and trust each other’s commitment to serving our pupils. 


Senior Leadership Team

Name Position E-mail address
Ms G Gibson Headteacher malcolmc@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Ms N Hussain Deputy Headteacher hussainn@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Mr S Warner Deputy Headteacher warners@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Mr J Campbell Assistant Headteacher


Mr A Gould Assistant Headteacher GouldA@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Mr S Mahmood Assistant Headteacher mahmoods@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Mrs C Moore Assoc Assistant Headteacher moorec@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
Mrs J Young Business Manager youngj@leamanor.luton.sch.uk
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