English and Literacy

Welcome to the English Department at Lea Manor High School. 

From the moment your child arrives in Year 7 until the day they receive that all important envelope in August of year 11, we are here for them.  English is a vital qualification for your child to achieve in order to enable them to go forward onto what, we hope, will be the very bright future that they want.

So how do we do this?

In Year 7 we introduce the students to the world of English, from a Forensic Linguistics course, to reading and analysing a favourite text, to a liberal sprinkling of Shakespeare.  Students are encouraged to read, and are well supported with our very effective reading plan: Accelerated Reader.  Additional support is always available, and we monitor carefully the progress and achievement of the students to ensure that they are constantly moving forward.

In Year 8 the students continue to develop both their analytical reading skills and creative writing skills through the continued study of Shakespeare, Poetry and Novels.  We also start to look in more detail into the Classics of pre-1914 literature to prepare them for the texts that they will study from year 9 into their GCSEs.  As always, achievement is monitored and support offered where needed.  Year 8 also continue their Accelerated Reader programme as this is a proven method of developing the comprehension skills that they will need.

Our Year 9 students actually spend the year developing the secure foundations for both the Literature and Language papers that they will sit in Year 11.  We look closely as the skills required for the Language exams and focus on extending those skills into the Literature papers through a more detailed study of Shakespeare, Poetry and a dedicated pre-1914 classic text.

The GCSE years of 10 and 11 are full of preparation, knowledge development and skills that the students will need for their exams.  From the reading of pre-1914 texts, such as A Sign Of Four to the detailed preparation of what the Language paper 1 actually needs, the students are furnished with the skills and content they need to succeed.  They are closely monitored on their achievement and we offer additional support classes, both after school, in the holidays, weekends and during tutor time.  Our focus is clearly on them.

But it is not all study, study, study, and as a department we offer trips to see local and London based performances of the texts studied.  We have outside companies in to offer performances and workshops for all year groups.  We take part in various competitions such as the National Poetry Competition.  As a department we plan lessons that included the use of our dedicated laptops, drama and music.  Various after school clubs are offered and these change yearly depending on the needs of the students.

We look forward to seeing your child in our department.

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