Drama students at Lea Manor High School are very fortunate to have access to some fantastic facilities.  We have a fully equipped Theatre and a Drama studio.  The students thrive working in a professional environment for class work and extra-curricular activities.

We have a rich extra-curricular programme that students can choose to get involved in.  Past extra- curricular events have included Christmas pantomimes, musical productions, Shakespeare Schools Festival productions, talent shows and year group showcases.  The responsibilities of the students who take part in these events include performance roles, backstage and front of house roles in addition to technical support with lighting and sound.

We are beginning to build links with Luton Sixth Form College and local theatres to offer students greater opportunity to engage with the arts in a wider capacity.  This will help students to consider the pathways they could follow in performing arts and will expose them to the many career opportunities within the industry.

Key Stage 3

Across years 7, 8 and 9 all students in the school will have the equivalent of one Drama lesson a week.  This gives students a fantastic opportunity to develop a sound knowledge of crucial drama skills which they can build on should they wish to study Drama at Key Stage 4. Over the three year programme of study, students experience a range of theatre styles from Commedia dell’Arte to Shakespeare, Stanislavski to Brecht.  All students will learn to rehearse and perform drama that is both scripted and devised.  Students are encouraged to explore topical themes and issues in a safe and creative environment. 

Students will learn to understand the importance of careful research and considered points of view.  All students will develop skills in analysis and evaluation and will start to hone their ability to write appropriately about drama practice.

We are keen that students at Key Stage 3 learn to work effectively and maturely with their peers. We seek to cultivate their interpersonal skills to allow students to grow confident in their own contribution and sensitive to the opinions and ideas of others.

Key Stage 4

Currently, our students in year 10 and 11 can study BTEC Performing Arts, Acting or GCSE Drama with AQA.  Though the courses are slightly different, both require students to develop a secure application of performance skills that is grounded in a clear knowledge of drama theory.  In the case of both qualifications, students can expect 40% to be theory based and 60% to be practically applied.  Students will explore a range of practitioners and styles.  They will have more opportunity to explore drama work independently and consider how drama is used to speak to audiences purposefully.

Extra rehearsal time is a large commitment that students at Key Stage 4 must be prepared to dedicate in order to achieve their full potential.  We encourage students at this level to regularly spend time in the Theatre developing their work and refining their skills independently and with others in group pieces.

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