Modern Foreign Language

In Modern Foreign Languages, pupils have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign language,

being taught by native speakers and enjoying a wide range of resources and activities. Our aim is to equip

our learners with the linguistic knowledge and communication skills that enable them to become successful

citizens of a global society.


Lessons are aimed to develop our pupils’ ability in the different linguistic skills -Listening, speaking,

reading and writing- as well as providing a unique insight into the culture of the target language country.

In the Modern Foreign Languages department we are passionate about communication. We believe that

everyone should be able to communicate their thoughts, views, ideas and feelings without encountering

unnecessary barriers. We believe that everyone should feel confident to express themselves in another

language, without fear to fail. At the end of the day communicating with each other is what constitutes the

core focus of every language in the world.


We expect our learners to try their best, fostering participation in lessons through encouragement and

praise, regarding mistakes as learning opportunities, as opportunities for everyone to provide feedback and

suggest improvements and ultimately to reinforce understanding of how the language works.


We also believe that language learning can impact positively on different areas, as the skills that learners

develop in the process of language acquisition are transferrable to other subjects. It makes us proud to be

able to contribute to the improvement and strengthening of pupils’ literacy.


Our team is dedicated and will offer the support needed by every individual pupil to maximise their chances

of developing their language skills and confidence to put their knowledge into practice. We continuously

assess our learners’ progress and provide verbal and written feedback on every single aspect of the

language, in order to clearly indicate ways to improve performance in the subject.


We regularly carry out residential trips to countries where the target languages are spoken, which provide

pupils with a first-hand experience in the real setting. As well as enjoying opportunities to interact and

communicate with locals in everyday life situations, pupils develop their awareness of other cultures.

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