The British record industry earned £408m overseas last year, the highest figure on record. (Savage, M. 2018). It is one of the most creatively successful and ever-growing British industries, and therefore is important for all pupils to learn the fundamentals of the subject to develop creativity, imagination and resilience.

Pupils at Lea Manor will be exposed to a rich and diverse curriculum where they will develop into the all rounded musician that they aspire to be. Music is used as a communication tool to express the social, moral, political, spiritual and cultural identity of people from around the world, and this is reflected in the varied schemes of learning that are offered at Lea Manor to develop all of our pupils into life-long, passionate super learners.

At KS3, Pupils will develop their understanding of the three key principles of music; performing, composing and listening and appraising. The will explore a range of musical styles including reggae, classical, pop music and film music, demonstrating their understanding using a wide variety of instruments provided by the music department such as the keyboard, guitar, African drums, steel pans and ukulele. Through these practical tasks, pupilss are able to develop transferable skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, leadership skills as well as the five R’s.

At KS4, pupils will follow the OCR specification, having the opportunity to advance their performance skills further through independent study of their own instrument or voice. They will be able to produce two compositions; one following a brief and a free composition, allowing them to express themselves creatively. Pupils will also have more of an in depth understanding of music theory and contextual features of a variety of styles of music. 

Music technology is at the forefront of the music industry, and is something that pupils at Lea Manor will experience from year 7. Our classroom mac suite has professional music software that the pupilss can get to grips with, digitally manipulating and creating music. At Lea Manor, we also offer a music technology course at KS4 (BTEC Music) which not only allows them to enhance their computer skills, but also puts pupils in industry-based scenarios, preparing them for careers and situations within this field.

Music outside the classroom is vibrant, with a wide range of extra-curricular activities available as well as the opportunity to study an instrument as an individual or small group with a professional musician. We also offer trips to extend the learning outside Lea Manor as well as asking professionals to come in and run workshops. 

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.(Plato)


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