Reporting and Assessment

At Lea Manor assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Our aim is for students to know precisely how well they are doing and what the next steps for improvement are. Accurate and robust assessment is crucial to support learning; regular teacher assessment and testing support this process. 

Assessment information provides teachers, students and parents with a summary of the knowledge, understanding and skills a student has (summative assessment) as well as an indication of how to develop these to improve further (formative assessment).  It allows all parties to check that appropriate progress is being made, that students are working in line with expectations and to highlight the need for intervention and additional support if this is not the case. 

Tracking Progress in KS3 – Our New Assessment System

National Curriculum levels no longer exist and we have chosen to use the GCSE grades throughout all year groups. A*-G grades at GCSE also no longer exist for our current years 7-9; their GCSEs will be awarded with number grades 9-1, with 9 being the highest. This means that for years 7, 8 and 9 the new GCSE grading will be used to judge progress. As a consequence, students’ working levels will be indicated using a GCSE number grade, which will be paired with a letter to show security: A = secure, B = insecure and C = very insecure.

The judgement will be based on what GCSE level the student’s knowledge, understanding and skills equate to in relation to the aspects of the curriculum they have studied so far. It does not mean that they would achieve this GCSE grade if they took the exam in year 8, for example, as not all skills, knowledge and understanding will have been covered until the actual GCSE exams in year 11; it is a judgement of the standard of knowledge, understanding and skills that the student has acquired at each data collection point during their five school years at Lea Manor.

Please see the tracking grid below as a guide to where students need to be at the end of each year in order to achieve each grade from 9 to1. Placed at the bottom of the table is a guide to show similar grade comparisons to the old A*-G system.

Assessment Overview

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