Super Learner Clubs, Trips & Activities

It has been proven that attending a wide range of clubs and activities allows learners to become more successful in their academic study, they achieve better grades. 

At Lea Manor we are proud to offer our Learners a wide range of Super Learner Clubs that they can access each week.  Attendance at these clubs will help Lea Manor Learners become Super Learners as they experience a wide range of activities enhancing their knowledge base and skills in many different contexts. 

The clubs have been designed to develop our ‘5R’ skills of being Rational, Reflective, Resilient, Resourceful and Responsible.

The Super learner clubs run from 2:15pm until 3pm. All pupils are invited but it is compulsary for the Year 10 and 11 pupils, unless they have a valid excuse and the HOY has a message from the parent. 

You can book onto the clubs by completing the online form. Please click on link below:

Year 7 Superlearner Clubs Timetable

Year 8 Superlearner Clubs Timetable

Year 9 Superlearner Clubs Timetable

Year 10 Superlearner Clubs Timetable

Year 11 Superlearner Clubs Timetable

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