Curriculum Aims

At Lea Manor High School we are proud of our diverse and wide range of subject offers for our pupils. The curriculum is sequenced to provide our pupils with the opportunity to study a breadth of subjects whilst ensuring that we equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge required for academic success; teamed with the social and emotional development our learners will need for ‘life long learning'. We believe passionately in the sequencing of our curriculum plans; starting at Key Stage 4 and working backwards to Key Stage 3. This enables us to ensure that all our pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge they will need to be lifelong learners. We believe that our curriculum is broad and diverse; taking into account always the pupils within our school and the wider community we serve. This ensures a range of subjects and opportunities are offered to develop passions both inside and outside of the classroom and prepares our pupils for life in the modern world.

Our Super Learner Clubs bring learning to life outside of the curriculum. Super Learner Clubs allow our pupils a unique opportunity to enrich their learning. Super Learner Clubs run after school from Tuesday to Friday. They offer a range of different sessions from The Great British Bake Off, Environment Club, and Robot Club as well as sporting opportunities such as Football, Rugby, and Basketball. Our Super Learner Clubs are updated and changed termly to ensure that the offer for wider activities is always relevant, and exciting, and continues to provide opportunities for our pupils to try a range of activities which enhance their learning, knowledge, understanding, and passion which they can then transfer into the curriculum and into their wider lives.

Our pupils benefit from a rich reading culture at Lea Manor High School. Our pupils who are well equipped for learning benefit from time built into the curriculum for reading. Our pupils are expected to read at the start of every lesson. As part of the equipment required for learning our pupils are expected to bring a reading book to school every day, as this is a fundamental part of each lesson. Pupils are encouraged to read a wide range of literature and books which stretch and challenge their reading ability. Reading allows our pupils to build on the following:

  • A rich and wide range of vocabulary which they are then able to use and articulate in their subject areas
  • Expose to different experiences within the literature to enrich their understanding and allow them to become creative learners
  • To expand on ideas, concepts, and knowledge that they explore and apply into their curriculum areas.

At Lea Manor High School we are uncompromising in the belief that there are no shortcuts to success and our curriculum centres itself on building resilience, responsibility, rationality, reflectiveness, and resourcefulness in all our pupils. Our curriculum is diverse and inclusive and prepares our pupils for modern life outside of Lea Manor High School.


If you would like more information about the curriculum please email our Deputy Headteacher 


Pastoral Support

Alongside our curriculum, Lea Manor High School is passionate about the social and emotional development, and support of our pupils. We believe that pastoral support plays an essential role in developing our 5R’S and preparing our pupils for Life Long Learning. Our pastoral offer encompasses the following key areas:

Learning Family Time- The opportunities for our pupils to meet with Learning Family Leads every morning. Our learning family programme ensures all our pupils receive key messages, have contact time with Learning Leads as well as engage in activities that promote lifelong learning. The range of topics covered as part of our Learning Family time includes; PSHCE, current affairs, anti-bullying and pupil voice, assemblies delivered by staff on a weekly theme; including diversity, equality and careers, as well as a focus on celebrating success throughout the week.

Example of Learning Family Time

Learning Family schedule

Implemented Topic



Current Affairs, news, and debate

To equip our pupils with an understanding of the wider world.

To enable our pupils to apply context into their curriculum subjects

To develop life long learning

To expose our pupils to careers within society.



Summer Term 1

  • Well being
  • Mental Health
  • Mental health support

To ensure our pupils are equipped with the skills and strategies to identify signs

To enable our pupils to make informed decisions about where to go for help and support



The theme of the week

To provide pupils to expand on their understanding of different topics






Celebration Assembly

Delivered by Head Of Year to year groups

To focus on celebrating success within each year group and LMHS

To outline pupils who have been responsible, resilient, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and rational.

To share examples of outstanding contributions to the school

To celebrate the success, hard work, and progress of our pupils.

Well Being Mentors- Our well-being team are on hand to support pupils with their social and emotional well being and ensure that our pupils are able to access their learning. Our Well being mentors meet regularly with pupils and work to ensure that our pupils have the tools, strategies, and support to ensure they succeed. Well-being offer support for a range of different aspects which include but are not exclusive to; Mental health, Grief and loss, anger and frustration, confidence and self-esteem, social skills and making responsible choices.

Beyond the Gate- As well as our well-being team, our Beyond the gate initiative offers bespoke sessions for our pupils to ensure that our pupils build resilience, responsibility, rationality, resourcefulness and reflectiveness. The 'Beyond the Gate' initiative considers the context of our school and community and adapts to suit the needs of our pupils as well as wider society.

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