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LMHS Staff Commitment

General Enquries

We have a team of people who will deal with any general queries.

Please email: 

Deans and Wellbeing Mentors

Name Position Email Address
Mr J Campbell KS4 Dean
Mrs E Lloyd-Hepden KS3 Dean 

Mr E Allen  Wellbeing Mentor
Mrs J Tiller Wellbeing Mentor  Currently unavailable 
Mrs C Jewson Wellbeing Mentor
Mr G Matthews Wellbeing Mentor

Head Of Years

Name Position

E-mail address

Mr Currier Head of Year 7
Ms Kunde Head of Year 8

Ms Ward Head of Year 9
Mr Malcolm Head of Year 10
Mr Gregory Head of Year 11


Year 7 Learning Leads

Name Position E-mail address
Miss Bell 7TB Learning Lead

Mr Shukar 7KS Learning Lead  
Miss Pallister 7JP Learning Lead
Mrs Ryman 7PR Learning Lead
Mrs Bertram  7GB Learning Lead
Mr Malcolm 7SM Learning Lead
Miss Madden 7BM Learning Lead


Year 8 Learning Leads

Name Position E-mail address
Mr Chester 8LC Learning Lead
Mrs Betraoui 8FB Learning Lead  
Ms Di Dio  8FD Learning Lead
Miss Gibbs  8TG Learning Lead
Ms Rampello 8MR Learning Lead
Mr Petrie  8DP Learning Lead
Miss Shane  8GS Learning Lead

Ms Sitole  8DS Learning Lead



Year 9 Learning Leads

Name Position E-mail address
Miss Clark 9NC Learning Lead
Miss Duncan 9ND Learning Lead  
Mr Gould 9AG Learning Lead
Mr Sayeed  9SS Learning Lead
Mrs Shabir 9ES Learning Lead
Ms Sherazi  9RS Learning Lead
Ms Yasmin 9SY Learning Lead
Miss Gurney 9EG Learning Lead

Year 10 Learning Leads

Name Position E-mail address
Mr Watson 10DW Learning Lead
Mr Bimpey 10KB Learning Lead  
Mr McIvor 10JM Learning Lead
Mr O'Rourke 10CO Learning Lead
Mr Rivas 10FR Learning Lead
Miss Robertson 10AR Learning Lead
Mrs Trickey   10ST Learning Lead

Year 11 Learning Leads

Name Position E-mail address
Mr Jackson  11KJ Learning Lead
Mrs Arif 11SA Learning Lead  
Mr Breton  11SB Learning Lead
Mr Johnson 11SJ Learning Lead
Mr Kerr 11JK Learning Lead
Mr Khan  11SK Learning Lead
Mrs Pitcher 11TP Learning Lead 
Ms Smith 11AS Learning Lead

English Department

Maths Department

Science Department

Computer Science & Business Studies

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs S Trickey                 Head of Business Studies & Computer Science                            
Mr S Khan 2nd in Dept
Mr S Sayeed Teacher of Computer Science & Business Studies


Creative Department

Humanities Department

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Performance Department

PE Department

Learning Support

Name Position E-mail address
Miss H Curr Inclusion Manager


Child Protection Team

Name Position E-mail Address
Mr S Warner Deputy Headteacher

Ms C Moore

Deputy Headteacher
Ms D Willaims-Frazer Deputy Safeguarding Officer


Centre of Excellence (COE)

Name Position Email Address
Ms J Mitchell COE Manager
Miss E Doherty HLTA
Miss A Griffin HLTA
Mrs R Harrison HLTA
Miss O Malcolm HLTA


Social Communication Difficulties (SCD)

Name Position E-mail address
Miss H Curr Inclusion Manager


Please use the email below to contact our Chair of Governors:

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