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In order to support pupils achieving the 5Rs Lea Manor High School staff plan and prepare lessons that encourage and support independence. We consistently monitor and track pupils’ progress in line with curriculum expectations supporting them in becoming lifelong learners.  Our passion for learning means we bring our subject to life beyond the classroom.  We provide pupils with innovative intervention programmes that enrich their knowledge and serve to broaden horizons.

At Lea Manor High School every child matters to us, we ensure that our additional learning programmes provide pupils with the support to achieve in line with their peers. Sometimes families experience difficulties and we work with pupils alongside parent/carers, as well as, outside agencies to ensure pupils are kept on track to achieve great outcomes.

Deans and Assistant Deans

Name Position Email Address
Mr J Campbell Year 10/11 Dean
Mr G Matthews Year 11 Assistant Dean
Ms J Tiller Year 10 Assistant Dean
Miss H Lorrigan Year 9 Dean
Mr E Allen  Year 9 Assistant Dean
Mrs E Lloyd-Hepden Year 8 Dean
Mrs C Jewson Year 8 Assistant Dean
Mrs L Morgan Year 7 Dean
Mrs L Backhouse Year 7 Assistant Dean

English Department

Name Position E-mail Address
Mr J Marquis Head of English
Mr J Butler Teacher of English
Miss R Kunde Teacher of English
Miss A Robertson Teacher of English
Mr B Rashid Teacher of English
Mrs S Vitty 1:1 Tutor

Maths Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs N Ganatra Head of Maths
Mr R Ankomah Teacher of Maths – 2nd in Dept
Mr J Acquah​ Teacher of Maths
Mrs N Bajaj Teacher of Maths
Mrs H Hardwick Teacher of Maths
Mrs I Rashid 1:1 Tutor
Miss E Shabir Instructor
Mrs A Tampkin Maths Learning Advocate


Science Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mr S Johnson Head of Science
Miss F Di Dio Teacher of Science
Mrs Y Mitchell Teacher of Science
Dr K Tilbrook Teacher of Science
Dr J Roy Teacher of Science
Mr M Farraj Teacher of Science
Mrs T White Senior Science Technician
Miss Z Alizada Science Technician
Miss C Barker Learning Advocate


Food Technology Department

Name Position E-mail address
Ms L Scales Instructor
Miss T Galbraith Food & Catering Technician


Aspire Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs T Pitcher Teacher/ Work Related Learning Co-ordinator


Computer Science & Business Studies

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs S Trickey Head of Business Studies & Computer Science
Mr S Sayeed Teacher of Computer Science & Business Studies
Mrs R Bloom Computer Science Learning Advocate


Creative Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mr J Campbell Head of Creative
Mr J D Adoyi Teacher of Design and Technology
Ms S Khan Art Intervention
Miss R Njenga Teacher of Art
Mrs E Patching Teacher of Art

Humanities Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs K Abdul Head of Philosophy & Ethics/Health & Social

Mrs A Baig Head of Humanities
Miss E Gurney Teacher of History
Mrs S Roopra Teacher of History
Miss J Ryan Teacher of History
Miss P Walker Teacher of Geography
Mrs R Parker Instructor (Philosphy & Ethics)
Ms N Rashid Trainee Teacher (Philosphy & Ethics)


Modern Foreign Languages Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mr F Rivas Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs F Betraoui Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Dagnon Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Performance Department

Name Position E-mail address
Ms M Forni Head of Performance
Mr R Coates Teacher of Drama
Mr T Sheehy Teacher of Music
Mr M Pantling Teacher of Music
Mr J Pheby Pprentice Theatre Technician


PE Department

Name Position E-mail address
Mrs H Cox-Fuggles Head of Physical Education
Mr D Gregory Teacher of Physical Education
Mr O Malcolm Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Walker Teacher of Physical Education
Miss C Ward Teacher of Physical Education


Learning Support

Name Position E-mail address
Miss H Curr Assistant SENCO
Mrs D Bernard SEN Intervention Teacher
Miss S Akhtar LSA
Mrs M Cortese LSA
Ms S Evans LSA
Mrs E Freeman LSA
Ms A Mirza LSA
Mrs N Qurashi LSA
Miss H Shah LSA
Miss T Monah LSA
Mrs C Moore Lead Practitioner – Culture Lead
Mrs L Harley Lead Practitioner- CPD
Ms A Fassam Attendance Officer
Mrs G Taylor Education Welfare Officer


Child Protection Team

Name Position E-mail Address
Miss E Tobin Deputy Headteacher

Mr S Mahmood

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Vale Child Protection Officer


Cover Team

Name Position E-mail address
Miss T Gibbs Cover Supervisor

Ms S J Nicholls Cover Supervisor
Ms P Robinson Cover Supervisor
Miss F McGivern Cover Supervisor


Centre of Excellence (COE)

Name Position Email Address
Ms J Mitchell COE Manager
Miss E Doherty HTLA
Miss A Griffin HTLA
Mrs R Harrison HTLA
Miss O Malcolm HTLA


Social Communication Difficulties (SCD)

Name Position Email Address
Miss A Flatman ASD Manager
Mrs L Horsler  LSA
Mrs C Sarginson LSA
Miss N Uddin LSA
Miss V Vale LSA


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