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Lea Manor High School


Department Intent

Plan, Create, Evaluate

Knowledge in Construction

To support a board and balanced curriculum at Lea Manor High School, we offer our KS4 learners the opportunity to enroll onto five vocational qualifications. This allows our pupils to  pursue their passion or a career that interests them. Our skills-based programme of studies allow specialist teachers to focus their delivery on a specific trade, skill or sport.


Learners will receive a balance of theoretical learning and practical hands-on skills which will give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the trade, inspiring them to work towards an exciting career. The focus of their studies is on acquiring knowledge and competencies that they need to work proficiently in their chosen field and in-turn receive a well-rounded course of study that helps to create a broader education.

Curriculum in Construction

The curriculum across vocational qualifications consist of examination and controlled assessment units. These qualifications are aimed at learners who wish to study the processes involved in specialised areas, including designing new engineered products, designing a multiple page website and developing the necessary dexterity skills to confidently tile a wall. 


Through research and practical activities, our learners will understand how market requirements and opportunities inform client briefs and will use practical skills, problem solving, analytical skills and creative thinking to successfully complete tasks. The qualifications provide our learners with essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve their learning in other subjects with the aim of enhancing their employability when they leave education, contributing to both their personal development and future economic well-being


The courses have a Scheme of Learning which provide an overview and a carefully sequenced programme of studies for the 2 year duration.

Teaching and Learning in Construction

Across each unit of study pupils engage in individual, paired and group learning activities involving researching, reading, extended writing and developing practical skills. Every unit in the curriculum includes key vocabulary.

Individual lessons draw on prior knowledge and embed that knowledge through a combination of interleaving and chunking of content to support learners in retaining taught knowledge.


Learners are involved in independent projects where they research, discuss and evaluate assignment briefs. Modelling of concepts and ideas support all learners to understand the learning process; deliberate vocabulary development to build language proficiency and providing feedback to learners plays a central role in securing learners' learning and improving their performance.

Assessment in Construction Over the course of each half term pupils engage in regular assessments of progress, with whole class feedback.  Annual end-of-year exams, accompanied by other externally standardised assessments at key points, monitor the long-term progress and retention of core knowledge and skills.
Learning Beyond the Classroom in Construction

Beyond the classroom the vocational team offer learners the opportunity to take part in following activities:


  • Extracurricular clubs to support learners develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts. It supports the development of personal qualities and positive experiences. 
  • Homework supports learners with retaining taught knowledge and promotes self development.
  • Representing Lea Manor High School at regional sporting events and local primary and secondary schools allows our learners to showcase their talent and further develop functional, personal and knowledge based skills. 

Curriculum Journey

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Unit 3 (Internal) Introduction to the Controlled Assessment Brief


Trade-based Task


1 NEA Submission

 Unit 3 (Internal) Controlled Assessment


Trade-based Task


2 NEA Submission

Unit 3 (Internal) Final Completion and Submission of Controlled Assessment


Trade-based Task


3 NEA Submission

Unit 1 Revision and Exam Preparation

Unit 1 Revision and Exam Preparation

Curriculum Overview