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Work Experience

In Year 10, pupils will undertake a week of work experience. This will give the pupils a short insight into the world of work, and what they can expect once they leave education.

For 2024, Work Experience will take place 8th-12th July

In order to take part in work experience, pupils will need to find their own placement. This could be with any employer willing to take on a work experience pupil, family member or friend. The employer MUST have Public Liability Insurance for you to be able to conduct your work experience with them. If the employer cannot host you for the entire week, seek out to do as many days as possible. Pupils do not need to where school uniform when on placement, the dress code will be outlined by the employer.

If pupils are unable to secure a work experience placement, they will complete a programme within school using the Unifrog platform and other external providers. However, pupils should strive to find an employer for work experience in order to make the most of the opportunity on offer to them. Pupils coming in to school will still need to wear school uniform.


Unifrog will be the main platform for confirming and recording work experience placements. All Year 10 pupils will have a Unifrog login which will be their school email address. When pupils have got the employers details and email, they need to upload it to the placements tool. Pupils then need to follow the prompts and complete the forms to enter the details of their work experience placement.

Once completed, this then gets emailed to the employer, who will add their insurances and risks assessments, as well as confirming they are willing to take you on for the week. This is then sent to the parent/carer for them to agree the work experience. Finally, it is passed on to Mrs C Moore to check the details and confirm the placement. The work experience placement will not take place unless all these steps are fully completed and confirmed.

Before, during, and after work experience, pupils will use Unifrog to complete a work experience journal. This journal will help you plan and track your work experience, and is an integral part of the overall exercise.