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Lea Manor High School


School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school, supporting effective teaching and learning.

Uniform is an important part of Lea Manor culture which all pupils should wear with pride and helps support positive behaviour and discipline. Ours uniform ensures children of all races and backgrounds feel welcome in our school whilst also protecting them from social pressures to dress in a particular way.

The school uniform represents a reasonable requirement and pays regard to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Race Relations Amendment Act 2002.

Every pupil is required to wear the Lea Manor school uniform.

School Uniform

The Lea Manor school uniform consists of:

  • LMHS grey blazer
  • LMHS grey V-neck jumper (optional)
  • LMHS full length purple school tie
  • White shirt with collar (long sleeve or short sleeve)
  • Grey school trousers
  • Grey pleated school skirt (skirt length must be to the knee)
  • Dark socks OR Tan or black tights
  • Plain black traditional school shoes (no boots or trainers)

 Additional Items


Pupils are expected to have sensible hair styles. Long hair must be kept in place with neat unobtrusive hair fastenings. Pupils are not permitted to have lines or patterns in their hair or eyebrows. All pupils hair should be of a natural colour. 


Girls who wish to wear headscarves may do so as long as these conform to the requirements listed below:

  • The fabric should be lightweight and black.
  • The headscarves should be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck and the ends tucked in - this conforms to health and safety requirements.


All pupils may wear a wrist watch and one pair of plain studs in their ears. No other items of jewellery may be worn to school, and watches are no to be worn in exams. All jewellery must be very simple and inexpensive, as the school cannot take any responsibility for loss. Facial or multiple ear piercings are not allowed.


Dark coats, such as black or navy, should be worn by pupils to keep warm traveling to school or when spending break and lunch times outside. Hoodies and non-school jumpers are not to be worn.

P.E Kit

The Lea Manor P.E Kit will need to be worn for pupils to take part in P.E lessons and extra-curricular school activities. The P.E Kit consists of:

  • LMHS training top
  • LMHS 1/4-zip training jacket OR LMHS full-zip training jacket
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms OR Plain black track sports shorts (no visible branding should be worn)
  • LMHS sport socks (optional)
  • Plain black trainers
  • Plastic moulded stud football boots (not astro trainers)
  • Shin pads (optional, but recommended)
  • Gum shield (optional, but recommended)


Non-branded items, such as shirts and trousers, may be purchased from a high street store or supermarket of your choice.

Lea Manor branded items, such as blazers and jumpers, are available from two suppliers:

Prestige Design & Workwear

Website: https://prestigedesignww.co.uk/schools/lmhs-lea-manor-high-school/ 
Email: Sales@prestigedesignww.co.uk
Order Form: 
Address: Unit 12, Barton Industrial Estate,
MK45 4RP

JS Sports

Website: https://www.myuniformshop.co.uk/product-category/schoolwear/lea-manor-high-school-lmhs/ 
Email: sales@myuniformshop.co.uk
Phone: 01582 494401
Address: 22 Neville Road,

Level Trust Uniform Exchange

The Level Trust offers a Uniform Exchange where you can order free school uniform that has been donated by members of the community.

Visit them in store in The Mall Luton, on the 1st Floor or order online

If you have uniform to donate, please bring it to the store on the 1st Floor of The Mall

Contact The Level Trust by email: admin@leveltrust.org or by phone: 01582 550 070